Monday, March 27, 2017

Blog Post #7

I can relate to this book because it is about a girl trying to get a man for her mom and it's basically what I'm trying to do but except my parents are still together. I'm just trying to help them improve their relationship. The girl gets heavily affected by the departure of her dad and cheating on her mom and now he has kids with her. Well in my situation, my parents have issues and they don't want to go out with each other while my dad is trying to improve their relationship but it isn't working so I try to step in and help them out. They tell me everything just like her mom tells her. My parents are still together though, unlike the girl's mom. My siblings don't know much about this while I do and the girl's siblings do know about it and she isn't as affected as she is herself. This is why I can relate to this book and why it relates to me.

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