Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A House Called an Awful End blog #2

There is this 11 year old kid called Eddie Dickens and he lives with Mr. & Mrs. Dickens at their main home. His parents are sick of an illness and they have to follow this process that their doctor which his name is Dr. Muffins to stay in bed all day with his mother having an onion on her mouth so that way she doesn't lose the shape of her head. They are both very desperate of getting out of bed and disobeying their doctor. So since they are sick and the illness is contagious, they decide to send Eddie to go stay with his aunt and uncle over at their House Called an Awful End. They go on a road trip and they then get stuck and his aunt and uncle act weird and his uncle decides to act as a villain and points a revolver to Eddie which terrifies him a lot. Then, they end up getting stopped and Eddie is placed in an orphanage. Meanwhile , his parents get out of bed for the 100th time and then all of a sudden their house gets on fire. They are panicking and are hoping to get out alive and not die. Mrs. Dickens comes up with a great idea and decide to tie all of their blankets together and lay the tip under something heavy. They climb out with fear since Mr. Dickens is afraid of heights and fire. Once they climb out , they notice that their illness is cured and are totally convinced that the treatment their doctor has provided them worked.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A House Called Awful End

A House Called Awful End

Philip Ardagh



This book is about a 11 year old boy named Edmund Dickens (Eddie for short.) his parents catch a disease that makes them turn yellow and they decide to send Eddie to go live with his relatives for some time while they get cured. But, his relatives aren't so pleasing and their names are Mad uncle Jack and Even Madder Aunt Maud. They go travel to their house called an awful end and then he has a hard time living with them since they act strange around him. Aunt Maud talks to her stuffed animal toy and Uncle jack pretends to be another man by having a fake beard with a fake toy revolver (gun). He fools Eddie and makes him extremely nervous. But it turned out it wasn't a stranger pointing a fake gun at him, it was his uncle.