Monday, February 29, 2016

Comparing Topics

Hunger Games
The Ferret Chronicles 
(Katniss sacrifices herself for her sister in the games; Katniss sacrifices her safety to provide for her family)
(The cargo pilot takes risks by flying from Seattle to salinas. But there is violent weather so then she risks it so she can be the best cargo pilot.) 
(Katniss promises Peeta to return; Peeta’s family promises to take care of Katniss’s family)

(The ferret is curious because of the planes the headquarters contains while she is waiting for the storm to end)
Importance of How You Present Yourself
(Cinna’s costumes; Cesar Flickerman Interviews)

(The ferret is scared because of the violent weather and she can't fly because of that)
Being “Hungry” 
(actual hunger/Capitol starves people to keep them under control; hungry to win; Peeta hungry not to lose himself)

Dream chaser
(She is a dream chaser because she always wanted to fly in the sky with wings but she's not a bird so she tries to be like one)
(Interviews/Parade shaped how people thought of Katniss and Peeta, even though it wasn’t 100% real)

(The ferret is inpatient because she wants everything now but she has to wait because of the charm of wings) 
“Reality” TV 
(Games are on TV, manipulated by Gamemakers)

Friendship with Unlikely People 

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